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Faking it

Posted in Journey, Marketing Insight by Steve Sammartino on November 2, 2006

Some things have a definite aroma. You can really smell them from a far. A home cooked meal. A fresh sea breeze. Freshly ground coffee. When you smell them, they immediately conjure up memories and emotional bias.



Faking it has an aroma.

If you don’t believe in your start up or your job for that matter, shut up shop now. Move on. You’ll save time. You can’t hide the ‘faking it’ aroma.

When seeking funds or trying to sell in to buyers, if your faking it, they’ll smell it. And when they do smell it all their negative emotional bias will come to the fore.  A me too, second tier product reeks of it also.

Seth Godin recently blogged about the power of enthusiasm. This has an aroma too, and people will want a bite.

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  1. […] We walked in the store and the first thing the store assistant did was introduce himself, and ask if we’d been in the store before. When we gave the ‘yes’ response and name, he asked to be excused for a few moments and went out the back to check the computer. Upon his return the assistant asked how the flat feet were going, how the particular joggers purchased worked out, and even how boot camp was going. It wasn’t contrived, but I could sense in the tone of voice and body language that this guy cared. I could sense it. All humans can, we can sense people who are faking it. […]

  2. […] deceptive either. We’ve got to find a common interest. Something we actually believe. If we fake it they’ll smell it and we’ll blow the sale. Tagged with: cold calling, entrepreneurs, […]

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