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Tough times

In tough times, operating in a non revenue generating business gets difficult. All your business may even dry up.


It doesn’t mean these activites aren’t important, it’s more a reflection of human behaviour. Unless the link of the activity to the transaction is clear – it will get pulled. This is true for consulting, marketing budgets or even your job.  So the question we then must ask is this – how close are we to where money changes hands? Are we close to the transaction or in the backroom somewhere?

The further say we are from the money – the greater redundency exposure we have, in business and employment. Closeness to money is why many real estate agents who are often intellectual dodo’s still make big dollars. I’m sure you can think other examples too.

If you want to be an indispensable business partner in tough times, make sure you are close to the money.

Steve – founder

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  1. Cleaning Business Guru said, on November 14, 2008 at 10:10 am

    I’m very grateful for the years I have put into my Internet business because it is actually doing very well in this economic climate. The overhead is so low and the immediacy of our products and the 95% profit margin make it very recession proof.

    thanks for the post,

  2. Grey said, on November 20, 2008 at 1:42 am

    “If you want to be an indispensable business partner in tough times, make sure you are close to the money.”

    That’s a killer line – very true.
    My startup dried up because we were starved for money and only raised little sums until we felt ready to raise a big sum. But by then the credit crunch was in full swing and we were “far from the money” – and eventually out of business…

    One of the things that killed our startup – you can read about it in the blog we opened in it’s wake:

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