Presentation Props

Ever the showman, Steve Jobs showed us how it’s done – again.


He didin’t need large flat screens

He didn’t need to buy the rights to a Beatles or Rolling Stones song

He didn’t need a montage of extreme sports


With the launch of the new Macbook Air. Jobs did something so simple, yet so powerfull


His prop: the humble manila evenlope.



At the Macworld conference in San Francisco jobs wondered on stage unwound the string on a standard manila envelope and slid from it the new ultra thin MacBook Air. The crowed oohed and aahed in disbelief, some even laughing incredulously.


It could have been any of us. The prop probably cost less than $1.00. This is great news for start ups because we’re only limited to the effort we put into thinking about it.

So the next time we present something to a customer, VC or employee, let’s think like Jobs and make it memorable.


  1. Brett · January 17, 2008

    I thought this was brilliant. That one visual aid quickly communicated everything special about the new MacBook Air.

  2. dr.dre · January 31, 2008

    But how much did the Air cost him???

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