Engage your customers

Really the title should say “people” – we don’t do business with customers, it’s the greatest lie of all time. People trade with people. But I just gave it that title so I could teach people this who stumbled upon this blog entry…

So here’s how we do it at rentoid.com

We have a live chat session with our people. Answer all their questions, assess their concerns and just get to know them. Tonight we are doing it at 7.30pm Aust Syd / Melbourne time.

Go here to log on: http://rentoid.com/live

You can see the startup blog author in action live and see if he (me) can deliver it all live. So tune in, tell your friends and get a shout out!

One comment

  1. NathanaelB · August 20, 2008

    Geez I can’t believe you’re keen to do that again after last time and all the nonsense chatter and noise on the chat – good on you though, it’s a totally awesome initiative; a level of engagement far above what most companies provide … and by setting the new benchmark hopefully we can force big organisations that span decades and have drifted away from engagement through conglomeration, internationalisation and so on will have to answer to their customers who will demand that they come back down to earth. To be more like you.

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