Goals review

While driving the other day the person in the car with me said they we’re disappointed with themselves. Disappointed, in that they had only achieved 50% of the goals they set for the year.

I then asked what was achieved:

– They reflected on those goals that were nailed. All of them were pretty heady, big goals and great achievements.

I then asked if the ‘failed goals’ had at least some progress made:

– They said that some of the failures had made significant progress, though not fully nailed.

I then asked what percentage of goals were achieved by the 97% of people who don’t write them down:

– The penny dropped and the conversation didn’t go much further.

Turns out people with written goals are very far in front. Even achieving a small percentage of our set goals puts us so far ahead of the mob it’s a joke. And the joke is on them.

When it comes to goals it’s pretty simple. Set, review, rewrite, believe = achieve.



  1. Adam Axon · January 5, 2009

    Hi Steve,

    Good post, short and sweet! I’d never really written down goals before last yea. It certainly helped me achieve some pretty decent things last year and hopefully a lot more in 2009.


  2. Joel Brown · January 6, 2009

    I have found, fairly similar results. However i think referring back to the goals is just as important as writing them down. I have noticed that writing the goals down does help, but i have done much better at achieving them when i refer back to them.


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