Entrepreneurial Chat

Here’s a Skype chat I had with a fellow entrepreneur I am fortunate to know (Michelle) who runs the super terrific Deck of Secrets business:

The chat revolved around a few topics, But I thought I’d share my pearls of wisdom from the chat, as they were written. There is some Adult content – a little swear word or two… but who am I to censor reality?

Steve Sammartino
Yeh, Here’s my new web marketing policy… are you ready?
Michelle Matthews
hit me with it.
Steve Sammartino
It comes with a warning of Adult content…. Still wanna hear it?
Michelle Matthews
now you’ve got me scared but yes i’m ready
Steve Sammartino
do lot’s of sh*t… do it quick as f**k
Eventually something will stick….
and be a tight arse… get that shit free
Michelle Matthews
I like it. Its suits my non-planning, do what you feel like ways.
Steve Sammartino
Planning is a joke – I’m serious. rentoid plan. 1 page.
Companies do it to justify wages… of people who do f**k all
Michelle Matthews
Planning looks good and big companies do it longish term to mess with the small players who can make things happen over night except that they weren’t booked in 18 months earlier.
Steve Sammartino
Well here’s my view on plainning….. This is serious. 1 page per million of revenue. No more than 10 pages of planning regardless of revenue.
Otherwise It simply cannot be strategic.
Michelle Matthews
A friend of mine wrote a book a while ago called Things Big Businesses Do , subtitle that small businesses should do (Mark Brownley) When will you publish the reverse?
Steve Sammartino
I will publish the reverse…. (personal view is I disagree with that maxim…) Companies over plan when they don’t know what to do, how to do it, or how to motivate people to get it done….. Do is key. Mistake quick and often. Find what works, the truth is no one really knows what works because we live in a state of flux.
Michelle Matthews
it must be illustrated
Steve Sammartino
Most of the good shit that has happened in life and business for me has been through experimentation, not planning. Even my life plan is a simple Venn diagram…. wanna see it….
Michelle Matthews
Mark had some good lessons but with the pace of change now and the loss of confidence in big companies and governments there has never been a better time to learn from dynamic, nimble companies.
Steve Sammartino
Michelle Matthews
yes, please show it to me.
Steve Sammartino
Like you – rockstar… Hoping some will rub off
Michelle Matthews
When I start raking in the $ then I will feel like I’ve made it. Because then I can indulge in more of my ideas.
It’s not about the $ though.
Steve Sammartino
Just look at the visual: Venn
Success = The progressive realization of a worthwhile ideal (as you say $ is not mentioned)
Michelle Matthews
I’d like the $ so I can scoop up all the talented people out there and pay them good $ for them to put their talent to satisfying projects.
Steve Sammartino
Scoop them up now so they can share your success and make it inevitable….
provide ‘options’ for sharing wealth… while you share your dream.
Michelle Matthews
I like your diagram. I think I saw it at breakfast that morning. I should have a crack at my own but Ross keeps distracting me with places to visit on the internet.
Steve Sammartino

Yes – Ross…
hmmm me too – I’ve been getting a bit hungrier lately…. gotta make it happen this year…. my opportunity cost is very high to forgo wages….

Some interesting insightsin the chat. Take from them what you will.



  1. mikeboyd · April 3, 2009

    I love it! It’s raw… it’s conversational (duh!) and it’s to the bloody point!

    We should see more blog posts like this all over the internet. Just like the traditional form of education doesn’t work (lecturer preaching to students), neither do blog posts that are simply statements. Why don’t we start conversations IN the blog posts as well as inviting people to contribute in the comments?

    Great work Samma & Michele, keep it up!

    Mike Boyd

  2. Ross Hill · April 10, 2009

    Yeah sorry Michelle – I’ll stop doing sending you stuff so you can get your Venn on.

  3. Matthew Pearson · April 12, 2009

    Haha. Officially love you guys. Will be reading.

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