Startup School

I’ll be running a one time Startup School event in Melbourne and Sydney. During November. It’s a 2 day weekend course for a maximum of 10 people.

It wont be free like the blog – but it has a money back guarantee to blow your mind:

Picture 22

Details to follow soon, but it will also include on going personal mentoring for Alumni & other benefits.

I expect seats to go quick – there’s only 10, and if you register your interest as a Startup blog reader you’ll be first in line and have priority to attend.

To register send me your details directly via email (which is in the side bar to your right) – please let me know if your registering for Sydney or Melbourne.




  1. Steve Sammartino · September 18, 2009

    Update – only 5 seats left in Melbourne and 6 left in Sydney.

    This is without going live yet – so be sure to register so you don’t miss out.


  2. Steve Sammartino · September 19, 2009

    Update there are only 2 seats left in Melbourne for those still interested… and I haven’t even gone live with


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