Coffee isn’t coffee

Coffee isn’t coffee.

Coffee is social facilitation

Coffee is a distraction

Coffee is a ritual

Coffee is a reason to meet

Coffee is micro generosity

Coffee is time out

Coffee is a representation of personality and economic status.

Coffee is very rarely a beverage which is a mild stimulous, or thirst quencher. More often it’s one of the ideas above. With this in mind what other categories are waiting to be reinvented to form part of the social structure. As humans we are social creatures, and every now and again a marketing campaign emerges around some form of product which builds in our genetic social dynamic, and when this happens, the category and business is changed forever. The good news for entrepreneurs is that it’s usually the domain of a startup, not an all powerful incumbent.



  1. Xavier Shay · December 19, 2009

    Also “beer” works in the above.

    mild stimulus? That’s just your immunity talking. Sends me off the wall.

    I would say coffee/beer is a drug for the masses, but that makes me sound like a raging communist.

  2. Steve Sammartino · December 19, 2009

    Raging Communist? – We love you for it.


  3. Pooja · December 28, 2009

    Wow! This is true. I love coffee and yeah it does relate to ‘social structure’ in some way. What can you call such kind of marketing?

    • Steve Sammartino · December 29, 2009

      I don’t think it has a name…. or that you can strategically target it…. but when it happens it is usually a broader trend which isn’t the doing of one company or brand. Rather a general change in social patterns for which some type of activity or product facilitates.

  4. Ross Hill · January 3, 2010

    And to think you were going to give it up?!

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  6. The Divine Miss White · June 5, 2010

    Oh yeah, and everything about coffee is very sexy.

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