Great bootstrapping

This Nutrigrain commercial isn’t really about cereal. It’s a message for Entrepreneurs. Take a look.

Notice how he didn’t let his environment (non coastal) hold him back?

Notice the tools he built to train himself and replicate his desired future?

Notice, the time invested in his dream, the years of dedication?

He wasn’t concerned about the resources he didn’t have, rather those he could use to bootstrap his training. It’s an attitude that all entrepreneurs should have.

Best we take a second look.


  1. samotage · April 19, 2010

    notice how he had a devoted mum?
    notice how it didn’t happen overnight?
    notice how the journey was the story?

    …just some more thoughts from ‘otage


    • Steve Sammartino · April 19, 2010

      ..and some very nice additions they are ‘otage. The beauty of blogging is the collaborative thinking #cluetrain.

      thanks Sam,

  2. Frank Barnet · April 22, 2010

    Your “cereal insights” are good stuff! Great lessons for entrepreneurs.

    Frank (@fbarnett via Twitter)

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