Startup School… tweetstream

You may be aware that I recently ran my annual Startup School in Melbourne.

During the event we ran a tweet stream of the ideas and soundbites coming from the forum. A lot of people followed the hashtag #melsus and said they got some great stuff from it. One person in particular Josh Moore, took it to the next level and pulled together a great PDF of the event via what appeared on line from it. Entirely his idea and work.

We both thought it was worth sharing here as a small entrepreneurs e-book made up of tweets and links in different categories.

Click here to download – Startup School tweetstream ebook PDF

PS: there are some pictures of me in it *red face*, which Josh saw fit to include…. and who am I to moderate his work?

You can follow Josh on Twitter here. And see his blog here.



  1. Tim Bull · June 23, 2010

    Love it – this is an awesome effort. Anyone who thinks wisdom can’t be distilled into 140 characters should read this. Perfect.

  2. Jussi Passanen · June 23, 2010

    Good work @josh_moore!

  3. nicholas kormas · June 23, 2010

    I love creative espresso. It’s like a long hand @gapingvoid cartoon. Mind if i Blow it up and get it poster printed?

    Nick (@nicholaskormas via twitter)

  4. James Giang · June 23, 2010

    that picture at the bottom is fantastic!

    • Steve Sammartino · June 23, 2010

      Oh, glad you like it – I drew it. I can send you a high res copy of it if you like!


  5. Craig Clark · June 23, 2010

    Thanks @josh_moore for creating

    Craig Clark (@speed_e via twitter)

  6. Shane Neubauer · June 23, 2010

    the back of my head made it into your ebook!:)

    Shane (@sneub via twitter)

    • Steve Sammartino · June 23, 2010

      Mate… you did much more than that… Some of your tweets and ideas are included. The event was a collaborative thought jam, of which you added plenty too.

      thanks so much for coming.

  7. Josh Moore · June 23, 2010

    I’d love a copy of the hi-res creative espresso Steve:-)

  8. Yalcin · June 23, 2010

    Well put together. Good as a quick reference.

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