Bloggers will love

Local nice guy Ned had a very productive weekend. On Friday he pitched themepivot and the Melbourne Startup Weekend. On Sunday he had a very nice and workable site live and kicking. He also took first prize for his trouble.

Put simply, themepivot is great way to redesign your blog and make it better, easier.

I strongly recommend all you bloggers out that take a look. I’ve already got some changes on the way, which were just so easy to do, I did it when I only really intended to check the site out. It’s that easy.

Get on it.  Well done Ned and team.


One comment

  1. Andre Sammartino · November 10, 2011

    I don’t get it… I went to the linked site and all I can see is the chance to join an email list (i.e. your screengrabbed “Try it Now” is no longer)…

    Is Ned Nigerian??:)

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