I don’t know

Most of the most important projects I have ever done, I didn’t really know how to do them before I started. Some I didn’t even really know how I did it after I completed it.

I feel one of the most important insights to this new era of entrepreneurialism, is that knowing the answer is not really that important – if at all important. We instead just need to make it up as we go along. Ask a lot of questions and be honest with the people in the process that there is quite a lot that we just don’t know, at least until we build it.



  1. Sam Sabey · January 25, 2012

    on other words, why MBA style business planning is completely irrelevant.

  2. Steve Sammartino · January 25, 2012

    Yep, I seriously (coming from a University level business educator) think MBA’s are a total waste of time and money. Unless – you are a science or other non business graduate who needs a business background…. and even then – it’s a long way to get the knowledge. It is mostly undergraduate work regurgitated.

    My opinion.

    Plans are not nearly as important as trajectory.

  3. Ben Rowe · January 25, 2012

    One of my favourite entrepreneur moments was starting a business with you, where you gave us a one-month launch deadline, even though we had no idea how long it would take to build a website.

    We hit the deadline.

    • Steve Sammartino · January 25, 2012

      There is definitely something beautiful about startup naivety.


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