The Profit Motive

Has been a guiding business maxim certainly since the industrial revolution. But I’ve now found a replacement terminology I can really feel.

Then: Profit Maximisation

Now: Purpose Maximisation

This comes from a book worth reading called Drive by Dan Pink.

Sure,  startups need cash to stay alive, but our purpose is what people really care about.



  1. sarahjlwest · February 21, 2012

    Hey Steve!

    Currently reading a book in the same vein – Grow by Jim Stengel – results of a 10 year study into ‘purpose’ or ‘ideal’ driven growth – its great so far!

    Stengel calls out that 50 of the fastest growing companies in the world, all have a purpose that fits into 1 of 5 categories of human ideals & that those companies live & breath their purpose with every action from hiring to customer negotiations to innovation and advertising. Method Cleaning Products is a great example of a start up that lives & breathes its purpose – and thrives.

    Can recommend it – despite only being on chapter 4!

    • Steve Sammartino · February 21, 2012

      Awesome – I’ll add this to my Amazon wish list too.

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