Cost estimates & cave dwelling

It seems that the #BBB podcast has been providing me with some clear blog ideas recently. Below is a comment I made in one of the podcasts  in regard to the Super Awesome Micro Project – and well, projects in general costing us much more than we ever estimate.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.01.37 AM

Now I’m starting to think our human delusions on the real time and cost of embarking on activity helps us grow and expand. So when it comes to time and cost on our next project in 2014, we should probably know it’s wrong, and just do it anyway.



  1. seancallanan · January 2, 2014

    This post makes me very happy, I love seeing people quoting us Blokes back.

  2. The vision that drives innovation by it’s very nature, can’t be allowed to be stifled by little practicalities like cost constraints. If everything was developed under the guidelines of the accounts department, very little would be achieved.

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