A mist of innovation

Today is a hot day in Melbourne 34 degrees celsius or 93.2 degrees fahrenheit. It seems though it is never too hot to retail coffee in our fair city of Melbourne. Looking for a java fix I quickstepped down to the nearest caffeine haunt in docklands. I happened upon a new outfit called Cafenatics. Their coffee and food were both good. Their outdoor air conditioning was the total bomb. I freaking loved it.

They had set up a nice water misting system in both their outdoor dining area and even inside. It was just perfectly soft so that you didn’t feel wet, just cooled down. So amazing, I tweeted about it, posted in on Foursquare and even made the effort to write this and share some pictures of it (below). A simple idea I’ve never seen before.

The thing I like just as much is that this is clearly not a new technology…. the Romans probably invented it. Proving again that innovation is an attitude and there are probably a thousand low cost ways any of us could employ tomorrow to wow people. This certainly got me talking.


cafenatics 2

cafenatics 3– – –

The curious thing is that, their coffee is what I came for, and their mist cooling system is the story I left with.



  1. Carl Joseph · January 10, 2014

    These things are all over Europe and I’m surprised that they’ve taken so long to get to Australia. I used to go searching for cafes which had these mystifiers and wouldn’t stop at any that didn’t. They’re awesome!

  2. Susan · January 10, 2014

    Hey Steve, this place is awesome. However, i haven’t really got a chance yet to be there. I loved this line of yours “The curious thing is that, their coffee is what I came for, and their mist cooling system is the story I left with”.. hats off. Thanks for sharing

  3. It is amazing how little awareness there is of these in Australia. One of our clients Mistafog has these types of systems in many locations, particularly in the Sydney area.

    They even have custom designed fans for hospitality to give a cooling air flow in the alfresco areas. You can see the video here. http://mistafog.com.au/video/

  4. Ken Burgin · January 10, 2014

    All around the hot parts of the US. In Qld they weren’t allowed when there was drought – was probably the same in other states. Now that we have unlimited desal water, at a price, must be all OK…

  5. Here is another one that does a really good job of cooling the air without creating any wetness. The fans carry the cooled air a lot further and help evaporate the micro droplets.

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