Southwest Airlines – customer service

Here’s a nice piece of personal input from a staff member at Southwest Airlines. Although they do have a reputation of doing things a little different, the thing that really matters is the fact that they let staff ‘add value’ and be real people.

I like it…. I’d be interested to know if you do, or if you’d find it annoying?

For startups, simple service innovations and staff input cost almost nothing. If you’re lucky, 25,000 people will see it on the internet!


Tom & Trent do rentoid

Here’s our latest bit of fun to promote rentoid.

The net cost of this was a Saturday afternoon of filming. Classic startup, bootstrapping. If it spreads we’ll be stoked, if it doesn’t we’ll have learned something. And before you ask – the only objective of the adv below is ‘Awareness’.

We’d be stoked if we got 10,000 views on youtube. We’ll keep you updated.

It’s pretty funny – Enjoy!